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SOFT ENCOUNTERS-the intimate space of soft

Creating environments or places that are completely soft with different consistencies and responses, stimulates children's attention to the new ways the space behave –  while at the same time supporting the children’s psychomotor activity and the interweaving of the biological and psychological. (REGGIO CHILDREN)

Our PLAY+ SOFT line aims to enrich the material complexity and variety of environments for young children by introducing pliability, softness, and elasticity in places that are often composed of few materials, all of them hard.

Sandscape is a popular item and  has been designed for ultimate physical activity, pliability and softness.

Sandscape is a system of elements for creating a floor with lots of variations in height and colour (you can choose)- a soft place for individual and group activities that has different geometries, and visual features.

These elements can be composed in different ways, making it possible to create a soft three-dimensional carpet with a lot of variation.

Play + Soft Sandscape

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