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THE LANGUAGE OF SOFT- the potential for mats

“The floor is an open ‘construction site’ and when it’s wavy, colourful, or transparent, it becomes truly a special place” (REGGIO CHILDREN)

Do you consider how you use mats for making activity areas soft and their potential to create zones in your centre?

Our PLAY+ SOFT line of mats have unique characteristics that introduce pliability, softness, elasticity and colour-these mats can 'delimit' an area by clearly having a different consistency by introducing softness into the environmental parameters.

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See below some information that features two of our best-selling mats; 

FLOWER MAT: soft mats in the shape of a flower with different colours on two sides to increase the possibilities for combination and create soft colourful zones. The shape allows the elements to fit together in various ways, obtaining and extensive covering of the space.

COMMA: soft shapes and gently sloping sides make it a cushion/mat element that offers different possibilities. It can work as a back rest or as matting. It can identify a space or set apart an area. It aims to support moments of relationship-building and activities in small groups.


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