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Tips for creating inspiring playspaces #1

From the child's perspective-

Have you considered what messages your playspace gives to  children and families?

How often do you reflect on your floor plan as children in your setting see things?

How often do you check your setting from the height of the child?

The writers of the NZ  InteractionImagination blog ask us to consider our spaces from a child's physical height- it will  really make a difference on how you see things...

It can also be valuable to take photographs from the height of the adult and the height of the child to see the difference too...

The above image of two photographs taken from the exact same taken from an adult crouching position and the other from standing.

Food for thought..

Think about what you expect children to do in each area or at each experience:(ECA:2012)

  • Is there enough space?

  • Are there enough materials?

  • Is everything they will need easily accessible?

  • What does the space look like from a child’s perspective?