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Play+ Packages


PACKAGES + offer introductory and discovery packages that combine elements from across our PLAY+ SOFT and PLAY+ SOLID ranges. 

Each package is designed to maximise your investment by showcasing and bundling iconic items from our product range. 

The multi-sensory and flexible qualities of PACKAGES+ offers you and children a range of elements that can be easily transformed and moved maximising their use and space.

All packages are inclusive of 5 hours professional consultancy/training.

Our packages demonstrate a 'less is more' approach- elements carry out various functions normally provided by traditional furniture. By introducing a “similar but not equal” concept we suggest that traditional furniture can be substituted with items from our extensive range and can be modified in numerous ways across the day.

See our initial range of PACKAGES+ proposals below.

All prices are in $AU and exclusive of government (GST & Duty) and freight charges.



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