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Play+ Soft

The PLAY+SOFT  line of soft furnishings is a meeting between pedagogy and design.

What distinguishes PLAY+SOFT is the promotion of the belief that children have a 'right to beauty', and an insistence that 'aesthetics are a vital and important element in the quality of human life' (REGGIO CHILDREN)

The PLAY+SOFT collection consists of over 250 new products and has evolved out of a 4 year research project with the pedagogical consultancy of Reggio Children, 28 innovative international designers and are manufactured in Italy by PLAY+.

PLAY+SOFT aims to introduce new sensory and aesthetic qualities into environments for children in education, domestic settings and public spaces (including retail settings, museums, libraries, hospitals, airports, etc.) by introducing pliability, softness, and elasticity in places that are often composed of few materials, all of them hard.