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Where is the furniture made?
All of our furniture is handmade in Italy by artisans, with no outsourcing for materials or manufacturing.

Where do we deliver to?
We distribute to Australia, New Zealand. 

How long will my order take?
All of our products are made to order. Manufacturing usually takes 4 weeks for soft furniture, and 6 weeks for hard furniture and custom furniture. Delivery will then take 6-8 weeks (rest of the world).

Why are there no prices on your website?
The website (and catalogue) is a showcase for the furniture we can supply. It introduces possibilities for school, private home and public spaces, but is not exhaustive and there will be further options available and appropriate for different project types. The final price depends on location, transport costs and local taxes. We discount for larger orders to projects, according to total volume.

PLAY+ PROJECTS is a working group consisting of Cocoon Play Concepts, PLAY+srl, ZPZ Partners, and a network of architects, designers, education and child development consultants (Reggio Children are pedagogical consultants with many of these projects). Depending on your requirements, we can provide full interior design, concept design, bespoke (ad hoc) furniture and installations, or even full architecture and construction administration. See our services section.

How safe is PLAY+ furniture? 

PLAY+SOFT and PLAY+ SOLID present furnishings that are totally safe, given that they are essentially made of soft, pliable and deformable material, and thus able to protect children during their play from accidental impacts and falls.

Our collection of soft furnishings are made of sofficel®, a fireproof, foamed material, in various densities and covered in ecosoftx®, a synthetic fabric with innovative properties: It is soft to the touch, repellent, easy to clean with mild liquid detergent and water, mold-resistant, odourless, resistant to abrasion, stable over time, and ecological, and the covers are removable with zipper. The introduction of soft elements in place of traditional hard furniture raises the level of safety of the environment against accidents.

Our hard furnishings include safety features such as: gas hinges to prevent slamming (and trapped fingers; mirrors in 5mm safety glass; slip-proof rubber feet; plastic clothes hooks with a safety release and additional safety features such as handles recessed and cut into cabinets and castors with brakes.

 PLAY+ furnishings meet all required Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards. 

Please contact us with any questions not answered in this section.