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Professional Development Services

Our professional development solutions can be ad hoc/stand alone or integrated into the delivery of any PLAY+ order.

We customize professional development and support solutions to maximize  professional reflection and practices that connect pedagogy and architecture.

We are committed to a formative professional development approach-one that asks adults to get involved as teachers, to learn together with children and families and peers.

Our approach includes:

  • initial interview (face to face &/or virtual)
  • site visits
  • creation of professional development plan
  • links that show contribution to quality improvement


    Key Focus Areas 

    The competent child-visions of wonder

    • The principles of the Reggio Emilia approach in action
    • The “image of the child” as an inquisitive, creative, and competent individual
    • How learning happens-the pedagogy of relationships & listening 

    The Environment as the Third Teacher-

    • Space-the power of the learning environment to support or prohibit learning and teaching
    • How the learning environment supports, facilitates and informs all kind of valued learning
    • Re-considering our floor plan- the child as active researcher

    Light Atelier-the real thing

    • The phenomena of light, opens doors to children’s discovery.
    • We invite participants to consider how this highly fascinating natural element triggers children’s wonder and curiosity and activates their inquiry.
    • Create contexts where light plays a fundamental role in children’s everyday learning experience
    • Create projections of light and shadows that give life to spacer relationships & listening


    Professional Development and Support Components

    Component Price per Hour
    Site Visits $100


    to support educators to understand best practice, to reflect on their own practice and incorporate new understanding and knowledge into their practice.


    Peer Support/Communities of Practice

    Members are facilitated and guided by a process to engage in joint activities and discussions and share information.


    Professional Conversations for Reflection and Change

    to develop educator skills and knowledge -to deeply and critically unpack assumptions and research areas of interest in innovative and creative ways.


    Online Learning

    to deliver professional support activities using information technology platforms and applications, across geographic regions in order to facilitate access to activities throughout the sector.


    In-Centre Support Opportunities

    to work alongside your team and give support to focus on a particular topic, including one-to-one mentoring, specific coaching and workplace shadowing



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