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Our services are inspired by the Reggio Emilia education principles. We provide two distinct but interrelated services :

Professional Development

Our true "ambient" partnership with our Italian PLAY+ team enables our professional development services to act as inspiration for educators –by understanding the key relationship between pedagogy and physical space, educators can create environments that are rich and enjoyable for children.

Our approach to professional development is defined by the desire to "lift the profile of the physical environment" and as being critical to everything we do for children, based on the principle of the ‘environment as the third teacher’.

We offer a range of professional development solutions before, during and after any installation of furnishings, architecture and interior services. The relationships between pedagogy and the physical spaces children inhabit are embedded into all our professional development solutions.

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Specialist Architecture & Interior Services

    Designing a new service or renovating an existing one?

    We represent PLAY+PROJECTS, and our Italian team can provide specialist interiors and architecture services for education and public space projects.

    PLAY+PROJECTS consists of PLAY+srl, ZPZ Partners, Cocoon Play Concepts and an international network of architects, designers, education and child development consultants.  Reggio Children are pedagogical consultants with many projects.

    We believe the learning experiences of the children and of the adults interact with the space and relationships building a constant dialogue between architecture and pedagogy.

    Our offerings include specialist architecture and interior design for new and existing spaces for nurseries, schools and all spaces for children (including lighting, colours, materials, finishes, furnishings). Depending on your requirements, our team makes custom furniture, public space installations in shopping malls, airports and other urban spaces, or simply concept design and layouts for nursery and early childhood centres.

    • Pre-design, programming and feasibility study
    • concept
    • schematic design
    • design development
    • detailed project

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