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Specialist Interiors & Architecture Services

Our PLAY+ PROJECT team coordinates a professional team to create individual design projects that accommodate three levels of design in early childhood facilities and children’s spaces (lighting, colour schemes, materials, finishings and furnishings).

These projects can start from simply designing floor layouts and installations for children in centres, schools, shopping areas, airports and other urban spaces through to complete architectural projects for schools and preschool centres.  

We work with you to determine a unique project to meet your individual objectives and budget, using the following  levels:

 1. Floor Layout

Advice on furnishings selection and layout according to each specific context of services such as schools, infant-toddler centres, nurseries, preschools and other living places (restaurants, shopping centres, waiting areas, offices, airports etc.).

Floor plan

 Image credit: PLAY+Project


2. Schematic Design

Inclusive of the following work phases:‬‪‬‬‬‬

Concept interior design/identity design‬

3D sketchIm

Image credit: PLAY+Project


‪‬‬3. Complete interior and architecture design project

Provision of full 'turnkey' solution by taking the complete project through all phases related to the design of the service/school, including:

  • full design proposals: drawings, 3D render, plans, items list, lighting, colours, flooring, acoustics
  • complete interior design:

Image Credit: Nonantola Date: 2007
Client: City of Nonantola
Designer: ZPZ Partners, Studio Architettura e Urbanistica
Location: Modena, Italy

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Baltic Art Gallery Gateshead, 2008, UK 

Banca Intesa Infant-toddler Centre, Milan, Italy - architecture and design ZPZ Partners


Children Play Space at Heathrow, T5, London, 2008 - design ZPZ Partners


Loris Malaguzzi Preschool, Reggio Emilia, Italy , 2009 - architecture and design Tullio Zini and ZPZ Partners


children play space at Rodamco shopping mall,Stockholm, Sweden, 2008 - design ZPZ Partners

Tetra Pak Infant-toddler Centre, Modena, Italy - architecture and design ZPZ Partners