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Classroom storage - basic module

Article number: LBA120150 

Colour: custom colours from the PLAY+ range 

Dimensions: cm 120 x 42 x h150 (and custom dimensions)

Material: Melamine/laquered MDF

Modular storage system consisting of units to store and display materials.  

Customisable dimensions starting with basic cm 120 x 42 x h150).  

Modules can make a quick installation of storage walls with optional space for light table/rectangular table.   

Cabinets and drawers in custom colours from the PLAY+ range, each with gas hinge mechanism to prevent slamming (and trapped fingers!)  

All handles are recessed and cut into the cabinet/drawer as additional safety feature.  

Doors can be fitted with locks (or handles) on request.  

Cut outs can be made at the back so that the units clear any preinstalled skirting board/baseboard and fix to the wall without any gap behind.