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Designer: ZPZ Partners

Article number: 314/315/316/318-stalk

Colour: fuchsia, grass green, mandarin

Dimensions: diam. 60x8h cm (Flower) diam. 70x110h cm (Stalk)

Material: fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers. 'Stalk' in birch and beech wood.

Flower is a complement to all the other soft places but also an independent play element. It can be used as a cushion, a seat, or a shield with a hole in the middle to peek out of. It’s easy to handle but large enough to contribute to creating places. The elements can be stacked on a floor stand (the “stalk”). (art. 318 diam. cm 70x110h).