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Landscapes 0-3

Landscapes 0-3

Designer: PLAY+ Research

Article number: 346 (Wave1), 347 (Wave 2), 348 (Wave 3), 349 (Stairs 30), 350 (Slope 30), 351 (Square), 352 (Cylinder)

Colour: sand and mandarin 

Dimensions: Wave 1 (cm 60x75x30h) Wave 2 (cm60x75x30h) Wave 3 (cm 60x75x30h) Stairs 30 (cm 60x75x30h) Slope 30 (60x75x30h) Square (60x75x30h) Cylinder (diam. cm 30x60)

Material: fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers.

These elementary forms are used to create different pathways that vary in height, pitch and balance, but also in the different degrees of softness. The children can crawl, roll, attempt to climb the hills, and change the height of their visual viewpoint, from above and from below. The forms can be combined in various ways to compose different scenarios, linear in shape but soft in consistency, adding an unexpected aspect to the tactile perception.