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Designer: PLAY+ Research

Article number: 875 (Nap mat), 396 (Mat A 200), 825 (Map B 200), 894 (Mat A 140), 502 (Mat B 140), 898 (Construction base)

Colour: blue (875); grass green and corn (396); water green and sky blue (825); grass green (894); grass green (502); corn and sand (898)

Dimensions: Nap mat (cm 120x60x5h) Mat A 200 (cm 200x100x5h) Mat B 200 (cm 200x100x5h) Mat A 140 (cm 140x140x5h) Mat B 140 (cm 140x200x5h) Construction base (cm 140x140x2h)

Material: fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers

Mats to mix and match with other PLAY+SOFT elements or simply to create soft floor coverage. Various types of soft elements for various types of activities, with colors that mix and match with the other soft elements connected to them. They are soft mats of different sizes and densities: from the harder and more consistent one for construction play, to the nap mattress, softer and suitable for use in the cots and beds normally found on the market.