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Nido Platform

Nido Platform

Designer: PLAY+ Research

Article number: 375 (A), 376 (B), 377 (C ), 378 (D), 379 (E), 380 (F), 381 (G) 382 (L)

Colour: grass green and corn

Dimensions: A (cm 75x75x10h) B (cm 75x75x25h) C (cm 75x75x35h) D (cm 75x75x10h) E (cm 50x75x25h) F (cm 150x75x25h) G (cm 150x75x10h) L (cm 50x75x25h)

Material: fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers.

A system of modular elements for creating a variety of landscapes with different heights and consistencies (soft and pliable) for infants and toddlers. The platform that is formed is flexible and modifiable, with reflecting zones and small container basins: an interesting floor at different levels, for playing, moving, building, being in different situations, and starting to experiment with different heights.

Elements of this product can be purchased separately. Contact us for more information.