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Designer: Giovanni Piazza

Article number: 650 (Puddle), 653 (Reflective base), 654 (Lighted base)

Colour: pop green and fuchsia (puddle); grey fabric and blue light (lighted base)

Dimensions: Puddle (cm 150x80x30h) Reflective base (cm 84x50x1) Lighted base (cm 84x50x1)

Material: fireproof sofficel® covered by washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx® removable covers. Reflective base: reinforced safety glass mirror (option of meta-acrylate mirror on request). Lighted base: fabric and fibre optics

A place for play or rest that can be used in different areas: in the child’s bedroom at home or in the nap area of an infant-toddler center or preschool. A circumscribed play zone where the action takes place both inside and outside the element, with the reflections of the mirror on the bottom and on the raised sides; a play area that is transformed into a special place for napping, a little bed. The mirror can be substituted with a rechargeable luminous fabric with fibre optics colored by LEDs that is foldable, soft, enveloping, and safe.